The History of the Mission

    We, the Oblates came to the diocese of Dindigul and the Most. Rev. Bishop. P. Anthony Pappusamy DD., welcomed and bifurcated Marianthapuram into East and West. East Marianthapuram was given to us and it was erected as a Parish under the Patron of St. Sebastin on 05.07.2006. Rev Fr Pathinathan OMI,then the Delegation Superior in his council had accepted this parish from the Diocese of Dindigul. This parish has 8 villages and two chapels, one in East Marianathapuram Village which functions as the Parish Church and another in Balakrishnapuram, the substation.

    The entire population of this village belong to the poor and downtrodden community. This village and its surroundings are socially, economically, culturally and educationally very backward. The total number of catholic families are about 550. The substation Balakrishnapuram has very beautiful church and it was constructed by the people and blessed on 19.03.2017. The Oblates helped for buying a land as well as for construction of the church. There are about 68 catholic families living in Balakrishnapuram.

Our Pastoral Ministries

    To strengthen the faithful by creating Basic Christian communities (Anbiyam) and trained them, forming a choir and altar boys/girls, village leaders and Parish councils.

    We have done many charitable works and social works to the poor such as: education, housing, health care, counseling and etc.

    We have Pious associations they are: 2 Legion of Mary groups and Vincent de Paul. This parish has 19 Anbiyams (Basic Christian Community)

Pious Associations

    Legion of Mary Vincent de Paul Society, St Eugene Youth, Choir, Association for Altar Servants and the Parish Council. The parish has 19 ANBIAMS (Basic Christian Community). Sunday catechism is compulsory for all the children. Oblates are known for their charitable works and participation in all the pastoral service to the people.

Parish Priest: Fr. Martin SAVARIMUTHU OMI

Assistant Parish Priest: Fr. Maria Sebastin Infant Raj THIRUSELVAM OMI


   Fr. Simeon Sebastin OMI

   No.3039, Kolar Main Road,

   Bangarpet -563 114,

   Kolar District, Karnataka.





   Fr. Bbiyan Francis OMI